Along with expansion into foreign markets comes the need for language support. Accurate and affordable translation is key to successfully entering into new markets and supporting established ones.


Localization requires that you adapt your product, service or message to the specific nuances of the local audience. This includes addressing language, culture and regional differences.


Also known as creative translation and marketing translation, transcreation is key to having effective global marketing materials and successful advertising campaigns.

Terminology Management

In order to achieve optimum communication, your corporate lingo must be consistent throughout. Globalize will create custom glossaries and terminology banks to standardize the use of your internal lingo.

Linguistic Asset Management

To leverage maximum benefit, optimize the localization process as a whole, and provide control, improved efficiency and quality, Globalize will manage all your corporate language resources.

Globalization Consulting

Our extensive experience can be put to use in your own organization through initial assessments, cost-saving efficiency reports, or through our Global Message Audit™.

Global Translation Strategy

We help companies increase efficiencies, reduce costs, prioritize the mountain of translation projects you have, while gaining better control over your global communication.


Globalize works with Federal, State and Local government agencies to meet their ongoing language translation and interpreting needs.

Cultural Adaptation

Cultural Adaptation takes localization and transcreation one step further.  It is ideal for those who wish to reach micro (sub) cultures. Cultural Adaptation is the process of taking the localization of content, transcreation of terminology, and adding pop-cultural, genre, age and even trends into developing accurate communication.

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